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Full Version: Introduction to ORYX4x4 (structure, approach, Rubric, equipment, etc)
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Dear all,

Seeing as though information about ORYX4x4 (our structure, approach, Rubric, equipment, etc.) is scattered across the various forums of the website, we took the initiative to compile all the details into a single document to easy reference. Hence, please find attached our newly launched Intro to ORYX4x4 booklet that provides an overview of this basic information about our Club.

Please don't hesitate to recommend any additional content to add to this document and we can incorporate it in the next revision in a few months (if required).

PS.  Special thank you for some of the members for the photos  Big Grin
Nice work
Good Idea and nice work Jack, thanks for the effort.

Mohd - JKU
Nice work, I would like to recommend that from J.O upwards it should be a requirement to have at least a Flag for safety reasons. Also Our current rule states that an ITO is a must regardless of previous experience. However a while ago I was told by a Marshal that it would be their decision if an experienced off roader wanting to join Oryx must also do an ITO or not. I recon that all Marshals must discuss this the next Marshals meeting and then amend the paragraph or not depending on what is decided.

The reason for me mentioning this is that i had been asked a while by an experienced off roader if he can join, a drive with us of course I said yes but he would have to do an ITO first. I was then told by a Marshal to keep my nose out of it that he \ she would make that decision, so please guys clear that point up between all the Marshals and then please let us know what the decision is. So that others do not land up also with egg on their face.
Thnx Uwe,

You have a valid question that has come up more than once (hence please excuse the long answer Big Grin ).

Obviously, not all new members are new off-roaders and they may have prior experience in driving both in clubs and / or on private trips.  However, let me clarify the objectives of the Introduction to Oryx (ITO) trip and maybe establish a bit of context.  Yes, ultimately the ITO gives first timers an overview of basic off-roading…but equally important, the ITO introduces our club style and gives information on correct / incorrect equipment which is beneficial even to drivers with experience.  This is why we ask that all members (irrespective of previous experience) attend an ITO…to make sure they don’t show up with steel cables instead of snatch straps (yes it has happened) and understand our style of off-road trips (things like lead, second lead, sweeper, sequence, tracks, etc.).

Now getting to your question; Ultimately, yes, the marshal leading the specific trip can decide if a member can attend without having done an ITO. There have been trips for example where the marshal has been comfortable with a driver joining a trip without having done the ITO and others where they have not.  It’s not a personal or an ego thing…it just depends on the nature of the trip.  For example, a marshal may say no to a driver who hasn’t done an ITO before because he/she is planning some craziness on a specific trip and simply doesn’t want to take a risk - but that same marshal may be happy to accommodate the driver on another (more chilled out) trip planned for the day after.

I suggest that the member simply reaches out to the marshal…let your friend give the specific marshal of a trip a call or drop him a PM about a specific trip. If the marshal feels confident of the driver skills and ability to safely keep up…then it is usually OK…they can join the trip and do an ITO at a later time…if the marshal doesn’t, (as mentioned above) it’s neither personal or an ego thing…it comes down to trip consistency, safety… and fun, we (including the Marshals) are doing this for fun right?

Hope this clarifies…feel free to stick your nose in further and I don’t eat eggs that often so don’t worry 

WRT. to the flag - your point is noted, i agree that the flag is important for safety (besides looking cool  Big Grin )...but the argument was that sometimes a driver hasn't had time to get a flag, doesn't yet know how / where to mount the flag on their vehicle, realize that a fishing rod can be used, etc...so we thought we would give them some time to take on a few trips and figure that one out.  Let's debate this (and other things) on the next club meeting.
LOL Jack all noted. I short reply would have sufficed. All good
i'm inherently incapable of short answers Cool  ... plus my car is in the garage so i'm bored at home Big Grin
(04-28-2016, 11:11 PM)Jlm00 Wrote: [ -> ]i'm inherently incapable of short answers Cool  ... plus my car is in the garage so i'm bored at home Big Grin
A jeep in a garage? Really?!
The previous version has other useful additional info. Can we upload too

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