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Full Version: SAFETY: Seat Belts and Car Seats
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SAFETY: Seat Belts and Car Seats

Offroading in the desert is a fun hobby and it's a great thing to take the family for. Safety should always be our first priority. Marshals teach safe driving skills, safe recovery skills, and pick a safe track that is appropriate for the drivers. But these are not the number one, first place, most important thing to do for safety. The number one thing for safety is....



Even if it's your first time coming to the desert and you have no experience or equipment, that's okay... but everyone must have a seat belt! Drivers or passengers who do not have seat belts or appropriate child seats will be sent back to the tarmac with no sand under their tires.

We all want to enjoy the desert with our families and friends. We should follow the most basic safety precautions to ensure that everyone has a nice day and goes home with no headache.

Please ensure that you have ENOUGH WORKING SEAT BELTS for all in your vehicle.
Well said dear Marshall Audery set belt some times looks value less but I have seen in my training many many situations where the seat belts save our lives.
I'm doing work for my school and looking for materials about forces/car crashes for the kids... found this video and thought it was useful for anybody! Info about seat belts, air bags, child seats, etc. Stuff hopefully everyone knows, but maybe you will see something new.

Check it out.