Club Indemnity and Declaration
This declaration of indemnity has been established to ensure that all members understand the conditions of membership to ORYX4X4, and are aware of the club’s indemnity (including that of its members) against potential issues that may arise from general membership to ORYX4X4, use of the ORYX4X4 website, and the participation in ORYX4X4 off-road events.

                                            GENERAL MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT: 
By becoming an ORYX4X4 club member and registering on the official website, I confirm that: 
 I understand that ORYX4X4 is an open community where members from different backgrounds / beliefs are welcomed; to that extent, I recognize that this may lead to differences in opinion between members and commit to resolving conflicts in a respectful and constructive manner. 
 I understand that membership to ORYX4X4 and the participation in any club activity (both off-road and social) is done so on a voluntary basis and that members are welcome to choose their level of involvement in ORYX4X4 as well as any other off-road club within and outside the UAE. 
 I understand that as a member, I have the right to participate in the direction and advancement of the club (if I so choose), however in order to exercise that right, I must meet the eligibility requirements of an ‘Active Member’. Furthermore, I understand that ORYX4X4 is a non-profit common interest club and that no member will receive any remuneration for any involvement.
  I understand that, unless specifically stated otherwise in the relevant discussion forum, photos and videos taken of me, my passengers, and my vehicle from various ORYX4X4 off-road trips and events may be used on the ORYX4X4 official website and other social media platforms.
  I have read, understood, and will comply with this Declaration and understand that it will remain valid and in full force from the time I register and as long as I am a member of ORYX4X4. Furthermore, I understand that failure to comply with this declaration (or any part thereof) may result in the suspension or termination of my membership, and lead to a permanent ban from membership to ORYX4X4.

                                            USE OF THE ORX4X4 WEBSITE: 
By using the ORYX4X4 website, I confirm to that: 
 I understand that the views and opinions expressed in the ORYX4X4 discussion forums are that of the original author only and not ORYX4X4 as a collective group; to that extent I agree that ORYX4X4 (or its members) will not be held accountable for any posts within the discussion forums or vouch / warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information contained within. 
 I understand that the Information entered in the discussion forums shall be stored in a third-party database and will be accessible to all other members. Personal Messages (through the personal messaging system of the website) however will only be accessible to the message sender / receiver(s).
  I understand that ORYX4X4 website (and social media) administrators have the ability (and right) to remove any inappropriate posts and that the IP address (where possible) is automatically recorded with each post and will be retrieved if need-be. Furthermore, I understand that while website administrators will attempt to remove any inappropriate posts, it is impossible to guarantee that such material will not be posted and each member should access the discussion forum and use the information provided at their own discretion.
   Note: An ‘Inappropriate post’ is defined as one containing sexually orientated, religiously oriented, abusive, hateful, slanderous, racist or threatening material that could be considered invasive of a person’s privacy and personal beliefs or which otherwise violate any kind of law. 

                                            JOINING ORYX4X4 OFF-ROAD TRIPS: 
By joining an ORYX4X4 off-road trip, I confirm to the following:
 I understand that off-road trips are open to all (provided they meet and have the skill and equipment requirements described in the ‘Driving Rubric’) and that other members are welcome to join. Furthermore, I understand that drivers that are not ORYX4X4 members can only join the trip following the explicit approval of the Marshal.
  I understand that trip levels have been established ultimately for safety reasons; however they exist also to ensure that a certain level of consistency is in place on each trip so that other members can enjoy the off-road trip commensurate with their expectations and level of skill. Ability to join higher level trips is subject to the driver displaying the skills and owning the necessary equipment required as described in the ‘Driving Level Rubric’.
  I understand that Marshals post and organize off-road trips on a volunteer basis and reserve the right to limit the number of cars on a given trip; participation on trips will be on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, I understand that in the event I do not arrive at the pre-determined meeting spot on time, the Marshal and other members reserve the right to proceed with the trip without me. 
 I understand that safety requirements must be adhered to at all times and that specific instructions communicated by the Marshal during the course of the off-road trip must also be adhered to. Members however reserve the right (and are welcomed) to provide their feedback on safety requirements and instructions, but must do so after the trip is complete either by approaching the marshal directly, by posting on the ORYX4X4 website and / or by discussing their concerns during member meetings (in a respectful manner). 
 I understand that while off-road trips are based on one of 3 ORYX4X4 grades, when off-roading in the dessert however, we to not follow a pre-defined track and the actual terrain may slightly vary from what is mentioned above. Ultimately, the collective skills of the members within the convoy (based on the leading marshal’s judgement) will dictate the terrain. Any member reserves the right to approach the marshal if they are uncomfortable with a specific obstacle and the marshal will assist the driver in overcoming the obstacle. 
 I acknowledge that the vehicle I choose to participate in for the off-road trip is in good mechanical condition, has front and rear recovery points, functional seat belts and is suitable for the desert; additionally, I confirm that I hold the correct license for the size and type of vehicle being used.
 I understand that ORYX4X4 (and any of its members) will not be liable for any damage (or the complete loss) to personal property and vehicle (or any of its components) and that my insurance (unless specifically requested from the insurer) may not cover off-road accidents / damage.
  I understand that off-roading can be considered an extreme sport which may subject the driver (and his / her passengers) to extreme conditions and high temperatures. In that manner, I hold all responsibility in making sure that I (and well as all my passengers) are physically able to take part in off-road trips and do not suffer any medical conditions that will put us in harm’s way. 
 I understand that ORYX4X4 (and any of its members) will not be held liable for any injury or death during an offroad trip and that each member (and his / her passengers) joins such trips at their own risk. In that manner, I (and my passengers) indemnify ORYX4X4 against any liability arising from such injury or death and that I, the passengers, our personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, legal representatives and / or successors agree to make no claim, sue, or hold ORYX4X4, its members, companies and agents liable for any such event.

We wish you all the best and always drive safe on and offroad,

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