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Hi Guys

I have a digital radio and one has to set the frequency manually.

462.7... please confirm the most common ones used Sad
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Hi Carl,

All radio frequencies are under specific thread:

Violetta Cool

FJ  0508007140

I have recently acquired a car radio, ICOM 400pro...I need to know if I can use this in the car without getting pulled over by the local authorities. Do we need a license for the radio...I am not sure anymore as Dragon Mart sells them cheap and openly.
all radios need to have a license officially....
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Let me paste from another forum:

"Firstly, I am a licensed radio holder - for UK and international maritime use as I am a ship's captain. Taken the tests, have the sign, the placard above my installed marine radio in my sailboat, and all that. I do know a little bit about what I speak.

From everything I have read, our walkie talkies (and hardwired mobile base radios such as the ICOM pro!) are KNOWN to be against the strict letter of the law in the UAE. That is because the UAE military has basically outlawed personal communications frequencies by declaring them for "military use". (As far as I can tell, that is to prevent their use by people plotting against the UAE military and trying to cause trouble, that wish to evade the use of mobiles.)

I have read incidents of people that have had run-ins with UAE officials over their walkie talkies. If they are in plain sight and you are stopped by a policeman, he can and probably WILL confiscate them if you are in a "civilized area". From what I have read, it never goes further than that, you will not be arrested, nor fined. But expect to lose your 250 dhiram radio.  They even  have mobile scanners patrolling the highway in civilian  (unmarked) vehicles.

HOWEVER AND AS A PRACTICAL MANNER - the UAE police and military KNOW that what we off-roaders do takes place many km away from "civilized" areas, and that for much of our time we cannot get a mobile phone signal. They have some sympathy for that, and as a PRACTICAL MATTER do NOT enforce the regulations out in the desert, or if you can prove that you are on your way to the desert. In fact, on one forum someone wrote that they got caught by UAE Customs carrying in radios in through the airport, but was able to convince the officer that he was an off-roader and they were only for off-road use, and was allowed to actually enter the country with them (don't take that as a high probability though!).

This is VERY similar to the rules we have in the UK for knives. As a sailor, I carry a variety of knives on the boat, and on my way to the boat, or if I have stepped off the boat to go ashore. Many of those knives are lockblades, which are illegal in the UK - no exceptions, possible jail time and fines. Well, EXCEPT that if you can prove that you need it for sporting purposes and can prove that you are on your way to do that sport. Some cops in the UK can be asshats about it, and confiscate it anyway, but most will not. I usually clip mine to my foul weather kit or chest mount it on my life vest, so that I can easily prove I am on my way to go sail...

We just have to ackowlegdge that as sportsman (and desert driving is a sport) we have equipment requirements that WILL fall foul of the rules established for the general public, usually for their "safety" or "security" reasons. Most of the time, as long as we are responsible about it, and don't flaunt it publicly, the police will try to accommodate us as long as we are well behaved.

So it is inherent upon us to BE well behaved. That means no showing off of radios at the meeting places (I am guilty of this admittedly because I chest mount mine), that means we should probably NOT be doing a whole lot of talking on them in the convoys to the desert (we should probably skip the endless "Radio check, radio check" until we get to the deflation points and save the convoy radio use for just marshals instructions). We just need to be smart about it, and cautious in their use until we hit the desert. And if you are driving with one on the way to the meeting point or going home, why not put it in your glovebox or backpack?

Last note: ICOM is a great brand, it is all I trust at sea."

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