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Posted by: loayal - 10-27-2020, 12:59 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (4)

When is the next ito in dubai

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  She is back!
Posted by: Radu - 03-16-2020, 11:13 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (1)

Good news everyone!

After 3 months, my Wrangler is finally back and ready to join you guys on the sand ASAP!

As some of you know, back in December I left the car for service and somehow they managed to forget replacing the flushing oil, which resulted in a broken crankshaft and damaged to the pistons.

After several months of arguing and fighting, I finally got her back, expenses covered by the dealer.

Just wanted to thank you all for the constant follow ups and showing your support. It made these months of waiting easier!

Kudos to all Oryx4x4 members! See you on the dunes SOON!


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  Drives in Dubai/Sharjah
Posted by: JoUAE2018 - 02-01-2020, 04:09 PM - Forum: General Information - No Replies

Would there be any ITO or Junior trips in Dubai/Sharjah area soon?

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  Introduction to ORYX4x4 (structure, approach, Rubric, equipment, etc)
Posted by: Jlm00 - 04-25-2016, 09:45 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (21)

Dear all,

Seeing as though information about ORYX4x4 (our structure, approach, Rubric, equipment, etc.) is scattered across the various forums of the website, we took the initiative to compile all the details into a single document to easy reference. Hence, please find attached our newly launched Intro to ORYX4x4 booklet that provides an overview of this basic information about our Club.

Please don't hesitate to recommend any additional content to add to this document and we can incorporate it in the next revision in a few months (if required).

PS.  Special thank you for some of the members for the photos  Big Grin

Attached Files
.pdf   ORYX4x4 l Introduction to Oryx4x4 l V01.pdf (Size: 727.53 KB / Downloads: 496)
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  Radio Frequency
Posted by: Reichesir - 12-02-2015, 02:13 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (4)

Hi Guys

I have a digital radio and one has to set the frequency manually.

462.7... please confirm the most common ones used Sad

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  Vehicle Stickers
Posted by: Reichesir - 10-04-2015, 06:17 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (21)

ORYX Club stickers

Who has some
Can we order some
See very few vehicles with them

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  Living Life
Posted by: Reichesir - 09-03-2015, 07:53 AM - Forum: General Information - No Replies

"..today is the 1st day of the rest of your life..live it"...great to have seen some new faces/friends last night. Have a great weekend : Rolleyes

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  Driving Level Rubric
Posted by: admin - 03-26-2014, 10:43 PM - Forum: General Information - No Replies

1. TEACHABILITY – Does the driver display a willingness to take instruction?

2. COMMUNICATION – Does the driver communicate clearly, respectfully, and at appropriate times with Club Officials and other trip participants?

3. COMMITMENT – Does the driver regularly and often attend Club trips with an active interest in being part of the team?

(If NO, no upgrade.)
ItO (Introduction to Oryx)
-Introduce to the beauty of desert
-Experience safe driving in sand
-Full safety, convoy and vision briefing.

-Good condition vehicle and tires
-Recovery points front and rear

Driving:  (Operation of car)
-Follow instructions
-Control car through flat areas.

Convoy:  (Participation/Management)
-Follow instructions
-Maintain safe distance from car in front
(Keep car behind in sight;Signal appropriately if not in sight)

-Follow instructions when being recovered

Junior Oryx
-Begin to learn car
-Begin to learn to read sand, make choices re: line and speed
-Begin to learn convoy multi-tasking (looking front and rear)

-1st aid kit
*Driver must have these BEFORE he/she can be upgraded to ORYX level.

Driving: (Operation of car)
-Control car through flat areas, small climbs, small bowls
-Perform straight -cresting
-Perform side-sloping
-Side-cresting (small dune)
-Develop knowledge of car (4H/4L)
-Develop ability (1) to move car safely through variety of terrains (2)
(1) follow tracks, straight crest
(2) flat sand, small dunes

Convoy: (Participation/Management)
-Develop safe convoy participation, including:
- Keeping safe distance from car in front
- Keeping car behind in sight
- Appropriate use of radio

-Observe recoveries and pop-out repair
-Practice self-recovery with instruction
-Participate safely in being recovered
-Perform simple recoveries with supervision and pop-out repair with supervision 

“Bridge” level training trips.

-pressure gauge
-jack / plate
-fire extinguisher
-rated snatch strap
-2x rated Shackles
*Driver must have these BEFORE he/she can be upgraded to senior ORYX level.

Driving: (Operation of car)
- Develop use of 4H/4L
- Develop ability to move car safely through variety of terrains
- Side-sloping (small/medium dunes)
- Side-cresting (small dunes)
- Safely drive bowl rim
- Climbs & bowls (medium dunes)

Convoy: (Participation/Management)
-Refine/Master safe convoy participation (incl. appropriate use of radio)

-Perform recoveries and pop-out repair with supervision
-Develop ability to self-recover
-Observe tricky recoveries , perform tricky recoveries with supervision 

Senior Oryx
-Develop/Refine knowledge/use of car
-Develop/Refine ability to read sand, make good choices re: line and speed
-Slightly alter route as proper for driver’s vehicle.
-Actively support convoy management

-Tool kit*
-Offroad GPS*
*Driver must have these BEFORE he/she can be upgraded to Marshal.

Driving: (Operation of car)
-Refine/Master use of 4H/4L
-Refine ability to move car safely through variety of terrains
-Develop/master ability to  side-slope /side-crest (large dunes)
-Exit tricky bowl
-Choose proper track according to vehicle
-Develop/Master use of GPS
-Drive in LIWA Smile

Convoy: (Participation/Management)
-Master safe convoy participation
-Receive training and serve as 2nd-lead (incl park on crest and coach others over)
-Receive training on how to lead / sweep
-Serve as 1st lead, 2nd lead and/or sweeper
-Plan and run Junior /ORYX/Senior trips with supervision

-Master ability to self-recover
-Perform/master basic and tricky recoveries with supervision(*)
-Supervise basic recoveries
(*) straight crest stuck; judge front vs back recovery.
    side crest stuck; judge safe recovery angle; winch vs strap.

-Actively manage convoys
-Being a rules model


Driving: (Operation of car)
-Master all the above

Convoy: (Participation/Management)
Plan and run trips independently

-Master all the above
-Hand-on during the trips with the team

Possible Fast-track considerations (not for Marshal Level):
• Participation in other offroading club(s)

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  SAFETY: Seat Belts and Car Seats
Posted by: Ritter - 12-29-2013, 11:39 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (2)

SAFETY: Seat Belts and Car Seats

Offroading in the desert is a fun hobby and it's a great thing to take the family for. Safety should always be our first priority. Marshals teach safe driving skills, safe recovery skills, and pick a safe track that is appropriate for the drivers. But these are not the number one, first place, most important thing to do for safety. The number one thing for safety is....



Even if it's your first time coming to the desert and you have no experience or equipment, that's okay... but everyone must have a seat belt! Drivers or passengers who do not have seat belts or appropriate child seats will be sent back to the tarmac with no sand under their tires.

We all want to enjoy the desert with our families and friends. We should follow the most basic safety precautions to ensure that everyone has a nice day and goes home with no headache.

Please ensure that you have ENOUGH WORKING SEAT BELTS for all in your vehicle.

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  Club vision & Rules
Posted by: admin - 11-16-2013, 07:47 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (10)

Club Vision and Guidelines

We are a group of close friends with desert driving expertise who decided to create a community for those with the same interests: desert offroading, enjoying our time outside in the natural beauty of the UAE, and enjoying our time with good people and no complications.

Main Goal
Our main goal is to arrange weekly trips and events that are fun, safe, friendly, and family oriented.


General Rules

1-Members are all the same regardless of their driving rank, so all members are free to join/lead/manage or be a marshal in any other club. More collective experience will only enhance our experiences together more.

2-Members are welcomed and encourage to create events in the club, including BBQs, social gatherings, and other fun events. Posting offroad trips is restricted to marshals only.

3-Members are invited to contribute to the betterment of our club.

Eligible Voting Members:
Marshals will keep a record of member activity in the marshal forum (http://www.oryx4x4.com/Forum-Marshal). Every time there is a trip or event, the marshals will update the record. The purpose of this is only to keep track of who can vote on topics in our club meetings. Oryx4x4 needs many voices, but only from members who are actively involved in the club on a regular basis.

1- January-April
2- May-July
3- August-December

To be an eligible voting member you must come to at least 5 events in a given quarter in order to vote at the quarterly members meeting. If you were not active in this quarter, you can still be active and vote in the next quarter.

Events include offroad trips, social gatherings, club BBQs, club parties, and marshal meetings (only for marshals).


4- Founder/Owners: There are no founders or owners. Our place is the desert and the desert is for everyone. There is no status in the club except "member," and levels are related only to safety.

5-Club Management Style:
-Members voting on topics and amendments to the guidelines (see General Rules).
-Marshals voting (regarding movement between levels). Inactive marshals will be not be allowed to vote.


6-Website Administrator: This person maintains the technical aspects of the website but has no special position or authority within the club.

7-Administrative Ability: All marshals have administrative control of the website, except who ask to remove it then we will remove it.

8-Organization and Access to Website Forums:
- Reading the website: All members can read all areas of the website.
For transparency, there are no private/secret forums.

9- Posting in the website: Members will be able to post in the forums they are allowed to be active in. (For example, Junior can not post on Senior forums). The purpose of this is to keep the forum organized so that members do not sign up for trips they cannot yet attend.

10-Website Discussions:
-The purpose of the website is to connect our community for organizing trips and other events. We can also share useful information related to our common interests. As needed/requested, topics will be created so that we can share ideas and enjoy the site as a social tool.
-Discussion should avoid topics related to politics or religion.
-Members and their families are from different cultures, religions, and countries. Please be careful about what you are writing here. Sometimes the joking between close friends is easily misinterpreted by others.


11-During the trips, trip leaders are fully responsible about their trips, no one should interfere.
All trip leaders became leaders because they have demonstrated that they know what they are doing. This implies a level of trust and experience.

12-The only thing we leave in the desert is our tracks, no waste no littering.

Ranks and Upgrading:

13-Club Driving Levels: The purpose of levels is to keep trips safe, appropriate, and fun for all who attend.

*ItO (Introduction to Oryx)
*Junior Oryx
*senior & Marshal  ( Senior can lead partially/ Marshals can lead by them self) 

-There are specific trips for the purpose of upgrading members.
-Upgrading does not happen in the website.
-Marshals will vote and talk directly to members during the trips.
-Marshals will check members required equipment during the upgrade trip.
-Upgrades are based on a rubric that clearly outlines the skills and equipment required at each level. (http://www.oryx4x4.com/Thread-Introducti...ipment-etc )

15- Upgrading Requirements:
-There is no minimum number of trips required for an upgrade.
-Upgrades are based purely on consistently demonstrated skills during upgrade trips (see guidelines).
-To be upgraded from one level to the next, the member should have the required equipment (see guidelines) which will also be checked during the upgrade trips.

16-Handling safety concerns is at the discretion of the marshal leading a trip.
Marshals can choose to not include someone in their trip for different reasons, including, but not limited to:
- seat belts: not enough or not using seat belts
- tie downs: not tying down things in their vehicle
- bringing extremely young babies (check with the marshal about what age is appropriate for a given trip)
- not having suitable recovery points on their vehicle
- not having proper equipment for the trip level

This is for the fun and safety of all members.

Welcome to the Oryx4x4 offroading community.

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